Welcome to Kumquat Gift & Coffee Shop
Kumquat is a gift and coffee shop, nestled in the Buffelspoort Valley area. The Kumquat gift shop sells gifts for every taste, occasion, age and style. The Kumquat coffee shop serves the most decadent baked goods and traditional foods like Bobotie. Just like the kumquat fruit, no one should pass on the opportunity to get a taste of this quaint little gem, Kumquat.
The Gift Shop
Kumquat Gift Shop in Buffelspoort is well stocked with various items, ranging from toys to antiques. If your looking for something special, you will find it in Kumquat. As far as gift shops go, Kumquat covers it all...We at Kumquat, invite you to come and browse our place for that ideal gift...
The Coffee Shop
Kumquat Coffee Shop in Buffelspoort is a must visit for anyone with a sweet tooth, a love for food and appreciation for the refined. The pastries, cakes and other baked goods at Kumquat are simply superb and our traditional dishes will leave you with a touch of nostalgia...
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